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Steven R. McCormick

423 East 7th Street, - apt. 321

Los Angeles, CA 90014

[323] 909-7331


Professional and Career Goals

I would like to become affiliated with a company that will thoroughly utilize the skills and education that I have acquired.

Formal Education

1987 - 1991   California State Polytechnic University at Pomona    B.S. Communication Arts -December 1991                             Specialization: Television Production  and Multi-Media


1973 - 1977     Rutgers University (NCAS) New Jersey                    Bachelor of Arts - January 1978                                                                   Major: Political Science - Minor: Sociology


Relevant Courses

EDIT 430 Computers in Education

EDIT 431 Advanced Computers in Education

EDIT 447 Programming Computers In Education

Educ 575 Video Production in Education

Educ 577 Interactive Video

Educ 512 Educational Telecommunications

Educ 455 Educational Computer Programming

Com 301 Broadcast Journalism

Com 401 Advanced Broadcast Journalism

Bcast 454 Intermediate Animation - CSULA

Com 333 Multi-Media Production

Com 360, 460 Video Production - Intermediate and Advanced                

Special Skills

Ability to type 60-65 WPM. Thoroughly proficient in Windows 98 and ME and XP operating systems. Proficient in current versions of following software:

MS-Office 8.0: Powerpoint, Excel, Exchange, MS-Word, FileMaker Pro, MicroSoft Frontpage, Netscape Navigator and Communicator, FTP and E-Mail, Microsoft Explorer, Adobe Photoshop, PhotoDelux, Illustrator [Mac and IBM-PC based], Autodesk Animator, Coreldraw, Omniscan, Truspace [3D Graphics/Animators] and FractilPaint. Ability to use JVC Editor, full-motion video software and hardware, audio cards, scanners and capture equipment. AVID Editing: Ulead AVIDPro, Sonic Vegas Video, Asymetrix DVP Editor, Pinnacle Studio DC10+ DVD Studio Pro, MacroMedia 5

Employment History

06/98-to present Universal Marketing Publications                                 Los Angeles, California

Position/Duties: Ower/Operator - Freelance Webpage Designer AVID Video Edit, Multi-Media / Video Designer and Documentary Writer

Designs 2D and 3D animation, audio and multi-media presentations for video/film, DVD, CD-Rom, WebTV and broadcasting projects. Develops marketing, advertising and promo materials for web pages, print and streaming audio and video: in CD-Rom and Video format, programs and magazines: using desktop video and production studio, AVID editors, full-motion video cards. Software used: Microsoft FrontPage, HTML and some CGI and Javascript, Autodesk Animator 3D, Truspace, Fractile Paint, Photoshop, Illustrator, Simply-3D, Pinnacle Studio-DC10 AVID editing software, ULEAD AVID Editing softwrare, Corel Paint-and-Draw, Scanners, Omnipage, Soundblaster, MacroMind Director, Paintshop Pro, Truspace 3D Modeling and Animation.


6100 Wilshire Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90036

(213) 857-1225

Supervisor: Stacey

Position/Duties: Administrative Assistant/Secretary - working with a number of entertainment, law and engineering firms using such software Packages as Lotus-123, MS-Excel, MS-Word, Word 8.0, Powerpoint, Coreldraw, Pagemaker, Peachtree Accounting, D-Base, Profs, E-Mail. Worked with such firms as IBM, RNL Interplan, The Gas Company, L.A. County Fire Department [9 months].


11300 West Olympic Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90064

310-473-4161 (213) 388-8516

Supervisor: Judith, or Nancy Metro

Position/Duties: Word Processing - Legal and Non-Legal Typing for various law firms: Argue Pearson Harbison & Myers, Latham and Watkins, O'Melveny & Myers, Paul Hastings etal, Brown and Root Braun.

01/91-06/91 KTLA - Channel 5

5800 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California

Telephone: (213) 460-5882

Supervisor: Ray Gonzales, Producer

Position/Duties: Writer/Administrative Assistant

Writing questions and doing research used by talk show hosts for television shows: "Weekend Gallery" and "Pacesetters". Secretarial duties included typing, research, answering phones and booking guests.


Chess, drawing, cartooning, animation (graphics, cell and computer) reading, bowling, basketball, jazz, scat singing, body building, photograhy, writing and directing animation and film, writing children's stories.


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References To Be Supplied Upon Request.